It has been a while

Hi, folks, it’s been a while. Actually, about a year.

I have just been cleaning out my RSS reader. I had sorted the various feeds into folders, and there are some feeds in one folder that I actually still read, and many feeds in other folders that I haven’t read in a long time. I decided it was time to go through them all to see what was there.

My RSS reader allows one to “star” certain blog entries as being especially noteworthy. I thought that it might be interesting now to look back over these specially tagged entries and see what things had captured my interest back through the years. But I found that in the olden days, I would often “star” something that looked interesting but that I didn’t want to take the time to read at the moment. Of course, doing this over time resulted in an increasing backlog of “starred” items to read “someday.” And for a while, that is very much what happened. Finally about three years ago it seems that I came to my senses and “starred” items in a more reasonable fashion.

In order to clear out the blogs from my RSS reader that I didn’t read anymore, I decided that I would save links to any “starred” items that seemed worthy and then unsubscribe from all the blogs that I no longer read.

More than half of the blogs that I no longer read were left unread for a good reason: they were not being updated! Some of them hadn’t been updated in two or three years. So, following my plan, I looked for the “starred” items in order to save links to them. Quite a few of the “starred” items did not exist any longer. Some of their domains were gone entirely. A few of the blogs had moved to different domains, but since I hadn’t been reading them anymore, I didn’t know to follow them as they moved.

I thought that at least regarding writing frequency, I’m doing better than some of the blogs that I had once considered my favorites. After all, it’s been “only” a year since I’ve written, and I still have the same domain as I’ve had for the past ten years or so (though its content has varied drastically through the years).

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